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Exports of Colombian Specialty Coffee


Zurita Coffee SAS, established in 2021, is a Colombian-Canadian venture specializing in the export and distribution of premium Colombian-origin coffees. Our mission is to deliver the finest quality beans, meticulously selected through a rigorous five-step process, ensuring the most exquisite coffee experience for our valued customers. We take pride in showcasing the rich culture, cherished traditions, and unparalleled flavors of our Colombian heritage.


Our Café Zurita brand identity focuses on four fundamental pillars

Café Zurita is proud to offer a unique experience with each cup of coffee. The coffee beans are roasted to perfection to bring out their distinctive, balanced flavor, and careful brewing processes are used to ensure consistent quality in every cup.

Café Zurita is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices at every stage of the production process. The brand works directly with local farmers to ensure that the coffee beans are grown responsibly and uses production techniques that minimize the impact on the environment.

In addition to its exceptional flavor, Café Zurita offers a complete sensory experience in each cup. From the enticing aroma to the dense, silky smooth texture, every cup of coffee is designed to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Finally, our identity is reflected in our logo, which represents a world surrounded by coffee beans, the symbolic colors of our fertile Colombian lands, highlighting the biodiversity and folk culture of our country. This design symbolizes the brand’s passion for quality coffee and its commitment to global sustainability. In short, Café Zurita offers an exceptional coffee experience that is flavorful, responsible, and sensorial satisfying.


Thanks to our experience and direct contact with coffee growers, producers, and marketers of the grain at a national and international level; We guarantee that our special export coffee offers an experience of sensory pleasure to our consumers.


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